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Понедельник 15 Июл

Анна К., 14 лет, Самара

 Embаssy CES, Southsea Centre, the Portsmouth Campus, UK
Лето 2008, 3 недели (каникулярный курс)

I`d like to express my delight with my trip to Portsmouth this summer! I spent 3 exciting weeks there, enjoying every minute of my stay. The campus was situated right on the shore of the bay - so, we could see the high tide and low tide every day!

The stuff was very kind, and the teachers were friendly as well. They all came from different parts of the UK, and could tell the students a plenty of interesting things! Nobody has ever been bored; we always had something entertaining to do. I guess I`ve learned a lot of things there.
What I liked most of all was communication with the foreign students. It was exceptionally interesting to deal with them! We could hang on together, spend hours walking and enjoying conversations - naturally, in English. Now I`ve got friends in different countries, what is really cool!
Embassy CES, thank you for this never-to-be-forgotten holiday!!!

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