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Среда 19 Июн

Анастасия В., 16 лет, Самара

Embassy CES, Лондон, Англия
Лето 2008, 3 недели (каникулярный курс).

Hello Optima Study!
I`d like to tell you something about my voyage to Great Britain!
I can`t find any words to explain all my feelings, emotions and impressions after my trip to London!
I think it was really exiting, fantastic, unforgettable, excellent!!!

I liked everything:the area of the college was enormous;stuffs were very kind, nice, clever, communicative;
students were also very nice, different than in Russia – I`ve found there a lot of friends;
the lessons were very interesting, useful and funny;
the program was also very interesting-both evening program and sightseeing tour!

I`ve discovered a lot of new facts about history of London and England!
So everything was really good! I liked it very much!!!!!!! I hope next year I`ll go to London or somewhere else also with Optima Study!!!

Thank you very much for my unforgettable summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

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