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Понедельник 15 Июл

Александр Н., 18 лет, Самара


Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Онтарио, Канада
Студент 2 курса программы Bachelor of Applied business -  International Commerce and Global Development (Co-op), 2012-2016 гг.

My name is Alexander Nikulin and I’m a current second year student on a program that calls Bachelor of Applied Business - International Commerce and Global Development (Co-op) in Niagara College, Canada. I have already lived in Canada for one year by now and I have gotten some knowledge and experience about life and education abroad.


Living abroad is always a very complicated process. It is a time when you can meet many troubles that can make you think that you aren’t able to cope with them, but when you solve them by yourself you will realize that your life changes in a better way. You realize that you aren’t the person that you used to be, now when you overcome all the barriers you can achieve more and new skills will bring you opportunities that you couldn’t think of.
Niagara College is the best College in Canada in my opinion. Amazing teachers and friendly environment in the class involve you in the studying process. Soon you will have a feeling that you really like to study. Education in Niagara College is always interesting because most of your homework you have to complete in groups that is a great opportunity to communicate with your classmates outside of the class and at the same time do a good job on your assignments.
I certainly achieved all of my main purposes and now I’m on the way to reaching other aims that would probably play an important role in my future life. I’m thankful to my family and to everyone who contributed to achieving one of my dreams. I highly appreciate the work of the International Educational Center “OPTIMA STUDY” that always gave me all the necessary advises and helped me to make the right decision. To conclude, I want to remind that foreign education is a chance for people to develop their skills, to learn how to think outside of the box and outside of the country, how to be respectful and flexible to other cultures, foreign education can make you a better human that fluently speaks other languages.

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